Rethink Warburton Mountain Bike Destination was formed when the media announced that the Upper Yarra Valley was to become ‘The Mountain Bike Capital of Australia’. For many of us this was a shock. Some knew nothing about it and others were aware that ‘some mountain bike trails’ were going in but not aware just how immense this project was planned to be.

As a result our Facebook Page was put up and on word of mouth we began to grow. Our major concerns were initially to just find out what was going on and then secondly to activate. The members of Rethink are not homogeneous in their opinions about the project but there are none who do not want it scaled down–substantially.

This website was designed to present the wide variety of issues that have appeared in this Facebook Group to a format that is more accessible than an ever scrolling newsfeed.

For those that want to join the Facebook group we have unfortunately due to trolling have had to monitor people joining. At the moment that means you will need to be recommended by a member of the group or other person integral to opposing the Warburton Mountain Bike Trails. This is the link to Rethink on Facebook

Our activation has included letter writing campaigns, meeting with representatives from Government, finding and networking with others both over this project and other similar projects Australia wide, preparing submissions, researching various issues and documenting our progress.