Australian Resources

We are networking now with a variety of people from mountain bike destinations and with others who are unhappy with the push to fill all our parks, bush and reserves with mountain bikes, so we are developing resources that have a more national character and hope in future a more international character. If you are also struggling with mountain bike trails in your area please contact us and let us know.

Australian Mountain Bike Market Profile-Survey Data 2016
Australian-Sports-Participation-Rates – Roy Morgan-June-2021
Australian Sports–Activities-Participation-Rates-Among-Older-Australians- Roy Morgan March-2020
Mountain Biking in Australia: An Economic and Participation Analysis-Auscycling-March-2021
Bushwalkings perennial popularity latest sportaus survey results – hikewest

Gender Equality

Gender Equality Act 2020
All new government projects require a Gender Impact Assessment since March 2021. Mountain Biking is a male dominated sport that is pretending it is gender neutral. The building of trails discourages other users in the bush when bushwalking and hiking have a much higher female to male ratios than mountain biking.

Over Tourism

What is Overtourism?
Over tourism is when the amount of tourists begins to negatively impact the environment, the local residents and the tourist experience negatively.

Victorian Resources

Active impacts The economic impacts of active recreation in Victoria – the Marsden Jacob Report 2018
This report was used in the WMBD Project’s EES documentation to claim that mountain biking had a low injury rate – however, this report is not about mountain biking at all. It assesses a range of popular active recreations including walking, bushwalking, hiking, gym, swimming and a small component of cycling – no mountain biking.

Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria Fact Sheet on Closure of Parks on Code Red Days
This document shows that the closure of parks to avoid bushfire is inadequate. Bushfires can happen on other categories than Code Red, while the ability of Parks Victoria to prevent people using their parks is minimal.
Mountain Bike Trails are being built for people’s health however this can be proved to not be the case – it is detrimental to health. Healthy Parks, Healthy People was taken from the Australian Indigenous program Healthy Country, Healthy People that matches our indigenous people with ecologists to protect our environment with the Care for Country Program. Using National Parks for Mountain Biking is the complete reversal of the intent of this. Here the People are exploiting the bush for their benefit, instead of caring for the bush to create a healthy environment for us all.
Parks Victoria Public Land Mountain Bike Guidelines 2012