YRMTB – Yarra Ranges Mountain Bike Association

This is the description of the history of the YRMTB and it’s involvement in the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination from it’s own web page at

“The formation of YRMTB fell on the back of the early ground work for, what is now, the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination project. In September 2006, two committee members of the Fat Tyre Flyers, Jerry Healy and Andrew Swann, were searching for venues to host Mountain Bike Events.

They identified Warburton as a ideal location and set about contacting local businesses to gauge their enthusiasm for this purpose. It was met with a great response and it was the early work done at these meetings and assistance from the Warburton Advancement League and businesses that put us in contact with a senior manager at Parks Victoria, Stuart Ored.

Parks Victoria had identified that our proposed Mountain Bike venue around Warburton would fit well into the Parks Victoria’s philosophy of “Healthy Parks. Healthy People”. He appointed a project manager, Steve Pellan, gave the project a name, Warburton Cycling Hub (WCH) and together we started reviewing the potential locations for trail development.

During the early development of the project, it was discussed that a broader, more involved stance needed to be taken and this would mean the involvement of other partners. Parks Victoria, Warburton Advancement League and Fat Tyre Flyers worked together and put together a list of, what we believed to be those that would like to be/need to be involved. We set about contacting business, Yarra Ranges Council personnel, government agencies, local cycling identities and individuals that may be interested in seeing the WCH become a reality and the first group meeting was held 6-months later.

At this meeting it was identified there were a number of Mountain Bike riders and small groups of riders involved in trail building throughout the Yarra Valley. Predominantly on Parks and DELWP land and a small amount on Yarra Ranges Council land. Parks Victoria asked that, rather than deal with a disparate group of non-affiliated individuals, they would only deal with one group that represented the trail builders in the Yarra Valley.

Several weeks later a meeting was held at, what was then The Cog Cafe in Mt Evelyn, between the various Mountain Bike community members. The position of the land managers was put forward to this meeting and the relative merits of forming a advocacy group representing all Mountain Bike trail building in the Yarra Valley. It was decided that we could come together, that it would be beneficial to work collectively and show the Mountain Bike community and land managers that we could lead the way in trail advocacy.

A name had to be chosen and after much debate, the name Yarra Ranges Mountain Bikers was settled upon. The rest as they say, is history….”