Yarra Ranges Council

Yarra Ranges Council in partnership with Parks Victoria, the Department of Environment
and Primary Industries (DEPI), Yarra Ranges Mountain Bikers, Warburton Valley
Community Economic Development Association (CEDA) and Warburton Advancement
League conducted an investigation into the feasibility of developing Warburton as a
mountain bike destination in Victoria in 2013.

The feasibility study recommended a partnership approach across Land Managers (Yarra Ranges Council, Parks Victoria and DEPI) and with community to develop a world class
mountain bike network. It identified Council’s primary role as providing for the linkages
between mountain bike destinations and facilities.

Councillor, Jim Child, is a major supporter and driver behind the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination.

Council Motions:

13th November, 2018

Moved: Cr Higgins
Seconded: Cr Cliff
That Council
1. Endorse the Powelltown Community Sporting Precinct Development project for
submission to the Federal Government’s 2018-19 Building Better Regions Fund.
2. Give ‘in principle’ support and approval for Council contribution of $4,000,000 to
achieve a $1 (Council / other sources) for $1 (Building Better Regions Fund) from the
Capital Expenditure Program for the delivery of the project if the application is
The motion was put to a vote and Lost.

Cr Clarke called for a division.
In Favour: Cr Cliff, Cr Higgins and Cr Stevenson
Against: Cr Avery, Cr Clarke, Cr Cox and Cr McAllister
Absent: Cr Child and Cr Heenan

This motion does not reflect the fact that the Powelltown Community Sporting Precinct Development Project funding was part of the development of the Powelltown section of the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project. The minutes give the impression the funding was only for the precinct. It was not and the Powelltown residents were told quite strongly that they would not get the funding for the Pavillion without the mountain bike trails. These trails are proposed to have a trail head (car parking and facilities) at the Powelltown sporting facilities and they would access the toilets and kiosk at the proposed Community Sporting Precinct. The money would construct a pergola for the mountain bikes to park on and trails would be constructed so the mountain bikes could ride straight out to access the mountain bike trails to both Mt. Tugwell and to Big Pat’s Creek.

28th August, 2018

Moved: Cr Clarke
Seconded: Cr McAllister
That Council approve the allocation of $2.7 million from the Future Community Projects
Implementation program to the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project.
The motion was Carried unanimously

24th November, 2015

Moved: Cr Child
Seconded: Cr Witlox
That Council
1. Allocate funding of $300,000 for the design and planning stage of the Warburton
Mountain Bike Destination project from unallocated funding listed for 2016-17 within
Council’s Capital Expenditure Program – Future Community Projects program.
2. Approve forward spending of up to $300,000 during the current financial year for this
project from the 2016-17 budget allocation for Future Community Projects within the
Capital Expenditure Program.

The motion was carried unanimously.

26th May, 2015

Resolved on the motion of Crs Child and Witlox
That Council
1. Adopt the Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study.
2. Allocate funding of $500,000 “in principle” towards planning, design and construction
of the project, subject to confirmation of the provision of external funding for the
3. Seek future external funding opportunities for achieving the project

13th May, 2014

Resolved unanimously on the motion of Crs Child and Witlox
1. Council endorse the release of the draft Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study
for an eight week community feedback period.
2. A further report on the Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study be referred to
Council for consideration following the community submission period.