Housing, Resident & Local Community Impacts

The socio-economicic impacts of the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project’s
will be profound to the extent that it will destroy our local community as it currently
is and replace it with a hollowed out tourist town of Short Stay Accommodation and a
predominantly Mountain Bike culture.

Mountain bike tourism is expected to reach 221,454 visitors per year. With overnight
stays of 76,661 per year by the mature stage of the project. This will put an excessive
strain on housing availability in Warburton and surrounding areas. Warburton is
not coping with the excessive number of tourists that it currently has to deal with.
Booming tourism along with speculation on the arrival of the Mountain Bike Capital
of Australia is already impacting so the slide has already begun. The strain on our
housing is one of the biggest concerns the local community has.

Below is Oz Gentrification, Displacement & Homelessness’ submission to the Planning Minister: