It’s too big . . .

Warburton is proposed to be ‘The Mountain Bike Capital of Australia’ with 160 kms of single lane mountain bike tracks and 165,000 mountain bike tourists per year and many other developments that will turn our area into a Mountain Bike Theme Park.

The major concerns are that such large numbers of tourists will cause:

  • traffic problems
  • parking problems
  • strain on infrastructure
  • loss of permanent accommodation
  • strain on our emergency services, already stretched beyond capacity
  • problems with evacuation in the event of fires
  • dumping of rubbish by tourists
  • lighting of fires by tourists in our highly fire prone home
  • dominance of a mountain biking culture to the detriment of others
  • loss of a close knit local community, replaced by a tourist culture
  • stress to wildlife both animal and plant
  • damage to heritage structures
  • loss of amenity to other recreational users of the bush