The Warburton Mountain Bike Destination: it’s too big . . .

Warburton in the Upper Yarra Valley is proposed to be ‘The Mountain Bike Capital of Australia’ with 160+ kms of single lane mountain bike trails, 165,000 mountain bike tourists per year and many other developments that will turn our area into a Mountain Bike Theme Park.
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Warburton Mountain Bike Destination – Our Concerns

The major concerns about this project are that such large numbers of mountain biking tourists will cause:

  • traffic & parking problems
  • strain on infrastructure
  • strain on our emergency services, already stretched beyond capacity
  • problems with evacuation in the event of fires
  • dominance of a mountain biking culture to the detriment of other subcultures
  • loss of a close knit local community, replaced by a tourist culture
  • loss of permanent accommodation to B&B and AirBnB
  • stress to wildlife, both animal and plant
  • destruction of bush for trails, both legal and illegal
  • damage to sites of heritage and aboriginal significance
  • Loss of amenity for residents
  • loss of amenity to other recreational users of the bush
  • dumping of rubbish by tourists
  • lighting of fires by tourists in our highly fire prone home

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What is in the second stage?

Current Problems with Mountain Bikers

Mountain bikers:

  • use trails that are designated walkers only, even when their presence is especially dangerous to walkers (on narrow, steep grades with blind corners)
  • have built illegal tracks
  • destroy vegetation
  • cause erosion
  • have physically harmed, threatened and verbally abused walkers and residents
  • cause traffic problems and disruption on our back roads
  • build jumps and other structures into trails
  • use heritage structures as jumps and obstacles

Although the Project People have promised that the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination will eliminate these problems, experience from other Mountain Bike Trail developments have demonstrated that this will not be so.

Warburton Mountain Bike Destination
View from Mt Little Joe where many of the mountain bike trails will be built.

One thought on “The Warburton Mountain Bike Destination: it’s too big . . .

  1. I think this is destruction of our local history. The back stairs track. Cuts along and through the original Lady houpton gold mine site. And has rubbed out with human occupation all existing evidence. There is many sites of significance in our area. And your new trails will ruin many sites unknown to most. This is disappointing to our gold mining heritage. And disrespectful. Shining star mine. And it’s water race’s. And small community sites dotted through our mountain’s. No MTB track in Warburton. These sites should be protected buy government not allowed to be cut through. And how people can allow this to happen. With complete disregard is beyond my own logic. This is Australian history. The beginning of our story happened here. Keep out!!!


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