Rethink Warburton Mountain Bike Destination was formed when the council announced that the Upper Yarra Valley was to become ‘The Mountain Bike Capital of Australia’ in it’s series of public information sessions in 2018. For many of us this news was a shock. Many knew nothing about mountain bike trails being planned for the Upper Yarra Valley at all and many others were aware that ‘some mountain bike trails’ were planned but few of us were aware just how immense this project was.

As a result our Facebook Page was put up and on word of mouth we began to grow. Unfortunately, attacks from those pro the project has kept our numbers small and an initial desire to share the group with interested mountain bikers had to be withdrawn because we were losing members due to their attacks. So only people who are well known to current members can become members. Nonetheless the remaining members of the group are very passionate about ‘Rethinking’ the proposed mountain bike trails.

Our major concerns were initially to just find out what was going on and then secondly to activate. The members of Rethink are not homogeneous in their opinions about the project but all want it at least scaled down–substantially.

This website was designed to present the wide variety of issues that have been presented in this Facebook Group to a format that makes them more accessible than an ever scrolling newsfeed.