State, National and International

The problems with Mountain Bike and Adventure Tourism is a state-wide, Australia-wide and World-wide problem. Because of this we are preparing information for those who are struggling with mountain bike proposals on these levels too.

Trails to Wellbeing – Ride On Magazine – 19 October, 2015

This article gives an indication of how wide spread the development of Mountain Bike Destinations are in Victoria. This spread is also Australia Wide and comes from the Federal Governments plan to turn Australia into an Adventure Tourism Capital. The Federal Government has released funds to states on the basis that they and local councils go in thirds on any destination developed. So the states have sent DELWP and Parks Victoria out to find Adventure Tourism opportunities. This is not grass roots driven.

Check out maps on AllTrails, select mountain biking for the stats in your area anywhere in the world:

Mountain Biking Trails World Map | AllTrails