Other Mountain Bike Destinations

As we have been campaigning over the Warburton Mountain Bike Proposal we have come to recognise that Mountain Bike Destinations are being built all around Victoria, Australia and the world. Many have opposition groups of residents, environmentalists, other recreation groups that have been adversely affected, etc. Here are some of the other trails already operational or under development in Australia  with some resources. This is by no means a comprehensive list.


Beechworth Mountain Bike Path

The Bicentennial National Trail
5,330 kilometres – This trail was originally built as a horse-riding trail but is now considered to be a walking and cycling trail. The significance of this link is that it advertises the trail as a Mountain Biking Trail.

Blores Hill Mountain Bike Trail
50 acres – Glenmaggie Regional Park.

Blue Derby
Problems in Derby – N.E.Advertiser 21 02 18
Notes Blue Derby MTB Forum
Notes MTB Forum Tasmanian government bike trail fears … _ Tasmanian Times


Buxton MTB Park

Erica Mountain Bike Park
more than 30 kms of tracks

Falls Creek

Forest Mountain Bike Trail
60kms of trails
Forrest District Plan 2030

Gippsland Discovery Bicycle Trail
Bairnsdale to Lakes Entrance. 65km one way, Bairnsdale–Lakes Entrance; 36km one way, Bruthen–Lakes Entrance; 13.7km return, Lakes Entrance–Log Crossing; 15km return, Log Crossing–Mississippi Creek Quarry

The Grampians

Lake Mountain Mountain Biking
20kms Mountain Bike Trails and 30kms Cross Country Bike Trails

Lysterfield Park Mountain Biking
20kms Mountain Bike Trails

Lysterfield Park – Closure of MTB Trails
Despite the title of this document it has more about planned expansions of the previously mentioned trails

Mt Beauty Big Hill Mountain Bike Park

Mount Buller
100+kms IMBA Standard

Mt Hotham
Mt Hotham to Dinner Plain – 24km return


Nowa Nowa Mountain Bike Park

Toolangi Tall Tree Ride
39kms Mountain Bike Trails

Tyers Junction Rail Trail
21kms return – advertised as a mountain bike trail




Mt. Kosciuszko National Park NSW


Friends of Mountainview Park Westland 

Trail Bikes

Neerim East
Trail Bike Trails for Neerim East