Blue Derby Mountain Bike Destination

Blue Derby in Tasmania has been held up to be the shining example of the great benefits a mountain bike destination can bring to a local community.

Not all residents agree. A meeting of the Dorset council on the 19th February, 2018, was packed with residents with complaints about the MTB destination and this meeting was reported in the North Eastern Advertiser.

Here are some quotes from the article:

“… no proper consultation has been made with the residents.”
“… The infrastructure isn’t adequate……… “
“… Issues are happening on a daily basis ….”
“… Fires, excessive rubbish, thefts, animal safety, misuse of footpaths, parking issues and more.”
“…. Issues which they believed had previously fallen on deaf ears.”
“…. Mountain biking craze imploded in their once quiet town.”
“… mountain biking craze had turned their lives upside down overnight.”
“…. felt like an invasion …..”
“… It’s like living in the Wild West.”
“… the [customers] don’t stop now but just keep going because there is nowhere to park.”
“… a lot of issues raised were actually police matters.… Council has no jurisdiction.”

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and a pdf version that is easier to read: N.E.Advertiser 210218