Second Stage?

Information sessions in  October 2018 on the 2nd stage in:

In the WMB Feasibility Study:

How likely is the second stage to follow the Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study 2013?

The first stage of the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination is out there for all to assess. Plans and descriptions are available on the council website It includes 110kms of trails on Mt. Tugwell, Mt. Little Joe and Mt Donna Buang.

But what about second stage?


It has now been announced that Powelltown is part of the plans for Second Stage, with the Black Diamond Trail connecting with the Mt. Tugwell Trails and another trail connecting to Big Pat Creek’s ‘Walk into History’ carpark along an old tramline. Maps of this were displayed at the Powelltown Information Session on their section of the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination. The Powellltown Oval will be the local hub for the trails with plans for car parking and for access to the trails from there. A new Sports Complex for the local community could be used for the WMBD for its toilets and kiosk and a pergola area would have parking for mountain bikes. The oval could be taken over for events as the Black Diamond Trail is to be the centrepiece for Downhill Mountain Biking.

Big Pat’s Creek

The ‘Walk into History’ Carpark at Big Pat’s Creek will be a trailhead for the Waburton Mountain Bike Destination. A trailhead is a car park where mountain bikers can drive to and park. From the car park they are able to hop on their bike and connect to a mountain bike trail. In the current plans displayed at the Powelltown Community Information Session there is a trail that will connect Big Pat’s Creek to Powelltown along an already existing tramways line.

And the rest . . .

But even with this addition this is not all that has been planned for the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination. The first stage of the WMBD including Mt. Tugwell, Mt. Little Joe and Mt Donna Buang and this second stage addition of Powelltown are all in the Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study 2013 — but there is more:

The Redwood Forest

There is the addition of a trail head at The Redwood Forest (also known as the Cement Creek Plantation) with a trail going right through the middle of the Redwoods, their is a plan to put a trail head there as well: a car park, a toilet block and signage. Two of these have already been put in place. When the trail head goes in then three mountain bike trails will be added, linking it up to:

  • Big Pat’s Creek Walk Into History car park
  • O’Shannassy Aqueduct (Eastern Section)
  • Warburton creating a new path to link up with the riverside path to Warburton Caravan Park

O’Shannassy Aqueduct (Eastern Section)

From here Mountain bikes can continue to the trails on the Aqueduct up behind Warburton where the Yuonga Road Car Park and the Dee Road Car Park are trailheads or travel down to the Redwoods (the Cement Creek Plantation) in Cement Creek Road, East Warburton.

How likely is the second stage to follow the Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study 2013?

If we can go by the first stage and the announcement of the Powelltown’s trails, the answer is very likely.

The difference between the First Stage Master Plan and the section of the original Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study 2013 that covered Mt. Tugwell, Mt. Little Joe and Mt. Donna Buang is many in additional trails. Nearly all proposals to use pre-existing walking and fire trails were abandoned with single use Mountain Bike Trails being substituted (but often only to run along beside these pre-existing trails and often intersecting them). This was necessary to gain IMBA Gold Standard as all trails must be properly constructed and single use to count towards the 160+kms of tracks required to gain this accreditation. Apart from that the 37km A K Drop from the top of Mount Donna Buang is an addition. The use of the Back Stairs Track and the La La Falls Track have been removed and replaced with Trails that are further away and therefore do not interfere with them, however, we have had Mountain Bikers on the Backstairs Track now for six years – they are not in a hurry to give it up and a uphill track will come out on the Rail Trail between Hooks Road and Warburton, meaning the Rail Trail will be swarming with Mountain Bikers in this section of it. An illegal track has been built where the downhill track will be placed in future, it is parallel to the Backstairs Track and intersects the Backstairs Track in three places and shares the tiny car park at the base of the track.

All in all, there are more trails than the Feasibility Study, not less and all trails in the study have been adopted.