Warburton Mountain Bike Destination EES Social Impact Assessment

Quotes from the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Project EES Social Impact Assessment:

The impact on the Warburton housing market and vulnerable residents is considered to be the most significant negative impact of the project.“ – WMBD EES Technical Report E: Socio-Economic states on page 53

 “. . it is likely that many of the new jobs would be relatively low-paid, part-time and potentially seasonal. With the continuing trend of increasing costs of housing, the difference in wages and house prices (including rental) may negatively impact service sector workers ability to live and work in the town.“ – WMBD EES Technical Report E: Socio-Economic also states on pages 46-47

“Increases in demand for housing . . . would also drive up rental prices as long- term rental properties and residential houses are converted into short-term accommodation properties, thereby decreasing the supply of rental properties.” – WMBD EES Technical Report E: Socio-Economic also states on page 52

“The operation of the project is likely to have a moderate impact on the social cohesion of communities in the township.  – EES WMBD Technical Report E: Socio-Economic Final Report Page 57

“There were 222 unoccupied homes in Warburton in 2016, representing 19 per cent of the housing stock. This is higher than the Yarra Ranges average of 8 per cent, and is likely due to the prevalence of holiday houses in Warburton. However, it is lower than towns with a stronger tourism economy such as Lorne, where more than 65 per cent of dwellings are unoccupied. Based on the evidence presented above, the number of unoccupied dwellings is likely to increase as visitor numbers increase.” – EES WMBD Technical Report E: Socio-Economic Page 52

“As Warburton’s permanent population may decrease as a result of housing stock being converted to holiday homes, the pool of local volunteers could shrink over the next 10-20 years.” –EES WMBD Technical Report E: Socio-Economic Final Report Page 57

“. . . there may be some negative impacts for a small number of business that are not able to adapt to changing markets and higher input costs. Some of these businesses may have owners who are ready to retire regardless of changing markets.“ –EES WMBD Technical Report E: Socio-Economic Final Report Page 54

According to the project the negatively impacted are:

the Vulnerable

Low-Paid Workers




(that do not cater for mtbers)

Our community

(Warburton Mountain Bike Destination EES: Social Impact Assessement)