Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study

Warburton Mountain Bike Feasibility Study 2013

This document was prepared by World Trail Pty Ltd for Yarra Ranges Council with the assistance of Yarra Ranges Council personnel and other key stakeholders such as Yarra Ranges Mountain Bikers, Parks Victoria and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries. It is 350 pages of detailed maps, charts, photos and descriptions for the entire project. It is the only document we have to date that has information that indicates what will be in the second stage of the project.

Indicated by this document, second stage may contain East Warburton (including the Redwood Forest), Big Pat’s Creek, the eastern portion of the aqueduct trail, with trails linking these area and also linking in Powell Town and Warburton.

The first stage has been further developed to Master Plan stage–it varies from what is in this document primarily by the addition of extra tracks and the moving of tracks off pre-exisiting tracks and onto new mountain bike single tracks. This had to be done to achieve IMBA Gold Standard.