Friends of Mountain View Park Wetland – Canada

Mountain View Park Wetland, Vancouver North, British Columbia.
This natural park, pond, and upland area (beyond the park boundaries) is categorized as a Woody Wetland, inside a second-growth temperate rain forest. It is critical habitat to a species at risk, and one of the few remaining viable wetlands left in the District of North Vancouver.

What good is a damaged habitat? 

We have been monitoring destructive mountain biking activities inside Mountain View Park  wetland and upland area of Fromme Mtn. and the North Shore — for over ten years. This is the culmination of our research with warnings about the high ecological cost of carrying such mountain biking (which is essentially no different from off-road dirt biking) inside our public forests and wetland parks.

The damage will continue, unabated, until there are far more voices speaking out against this off-road wreckreational sport, and its even more invasive trail building habits. But, due to recent developments between the  District of North Vancouver and the North Shore Mountain Bike Association, it may already be too late…

The tide will change, only when people begin to stop glorifying  such callous ecological vandalism inside our forests and wetlands via dirt biking activities. Our aim is to educate people about the value of these threatened places, including some background history, and with ample evidence of mountain biking damage being inflicted. Off-road wreckreation remains an ongoing threat as we struggle to preserve nature and wildlife…

Compromise only decides how much we are willing to lose never how much we are able to gain.  To accept compromise as legitimate strategy,  conservationist David Brower argued, that as conservationists we need to be unapologetic about our goals and our beliefs, that once we trade on those, we lose not only our campaigns, but our virtue and our credibility as well.