Heckling – Noise Generation by Mountain Biking – Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails – 1 April 2023

Chainsaws and every instrument that makes a loud noise is encouraged at mountain bike events.

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Calling All Hecklers

Soooo, Derby has a reputation as being the heckling capital of the world – and we want to keep this title, so we need you!

The best vantage points for heckling are shown on the Heckle Zone map, but you can heckle anywhere on the course!

This brings us to Heckle Etiquette…..with the following points explained so that everyone can have the best time

1. Make sure wherever you are on the course, whether it’s in a heckle zone or not, that you remain behind the Shimano safety tape and stay well out of the riding lines – this keeps everyone safe and happy!

2. Wear something memorable – a sea of colour along the course adds to the effect

3. Bring something to make some noise – bells, whistles, pipes, chainsaws – whatever you can carry and is safe to make as much noise as possible!

4. If you are in the heckle zone on Stage 6, please respect the spectator exclusion zone clearly marked

5. Most importantly – have heaps of fun while cheering and watching the best MTB riders in the world smash the Blue Derby trails!

So, gather up your outfit, grab anything that makes noise, a lot of noise, and head to Derby!!

If you want a lift, Heckle Buses are departing from 8am with racing starting at 9am – link in bio on how to buy a ticket.

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