Consultation is the Key – Upper Yarra Mail 3 July 2018

Can you see the problems with this article? Consultation is the key, but Matt Harrington is talking about ‘What infrastructure the community would like to see as part of the project’. There was a survey questionnaire available at the below consultation to fill in to this purpose. The questions were about what kind of mountain bike trails you wanted and what infrastructure like toilets, drink fountains etc. For mountain bikers. There were no questions about whether or not you wanted the Mountain Bike Destination or whether you wanted first stage to be 110kms of trails or where you like the trails to be or what you might like to see for other sections of the community. But you did get to choose whether you wanted to see more flow, downhill or x-country trails.

The comment on being able to chose ‘where the trails are’ has proved to be impossible for the Old Warburton Residents who have tried in vain to get them taken away from their front gates and next to their windows. Apparently their problems ‘can be managed’ by ignoring them. The reduction of the five trails coming down to only two was to remove them from the Old Warburton Cemetery, not to alleviate the problems for the residents there. The put down about some residents ‘having a very emotive response’, ‘fuelling fear and uncertainty’ insinuates that the objections are unfounded. That the information was not covered up–check out the link under issues – lack of consultation.consultation is the key.jpg

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