Warburton Urban Design Framework

The Warburton Urban Design Framework is up for comment. "The draft UDF includes design guidelines for new development and redevelopment of built form and streetscapes (the function, shape and configuration of buildings as well as their relationship to streets and open spaces) that protect the character of the Warburton townships. These guidelines can be translated into … Continue reading Warburton Urban Design Framework

The Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

Quotes from the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination Environmental Effects Statement Documentation on the Warburton Mountain Biking Destination - Socio-Economic Impact Assessment: "The impact on the Warburton housing market and vulnerable residents is considered to be the most significant negative impact of the project.“ - WMBD EES Technical Report E: Socio-Economic states on page 53  ". … Continue reading The Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

Trail change should not be approved – Gold Country – Feb 14, 2022

There is a long history, dating back to the early 2000s, of the mountain biking community heavily lobbying State Parks to open the Browns Ravine Trail to bikes. This lobbying has continued at varying levels of intensity for the past 20-plus years, supported, funded and organized by the national and the California arm of International … Continue reading Trail change should not be approved – Gold Country – Feb 14, 2022

Housing crisis pushes young workers into tents as options dry up – ABC Southeast NSW – Thu 9 Dec 2021

Young professional couples on the NSW far south coast face the prospect of living in a tent this summer unless the critical rental crisis improves, according to local housing providers.  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-09/housing-crisis-pushes-young-workers-into-tents-as-options-dry-up/100682144?fbclid=IwAR3KIQbJhLilJzGdHGTFMnJ4vUH-CoFf0kyrhKkM3t_9-IdcjrP59j7tTmI

Feedback on plans for Wesburn Park

This is the photo that the Yarra Ranges Council chose to advertise their plans for Wesburn Recreation Reserve. This is a pump track for mountain bikers (skateboarders can use it too). Previous plans had a large amount of other mountain bike structure. Structures that would greatly limit the local Pony and Horse Clubs and the … Continue reading Feedback on plans for Wesburn Park

Get on your bike says Josh Frydenberg – Financial Review – 20 October 2021

"It’s the leisure activity of choice for many of Australia’s corporate high-flyers, and now Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is pumping up the cycling economy by launching a new EY report on the power of the pedal" This article discusses mountain biking as well as other forms of cycling. The demographics for mountain bikers are financially comfortable, males aged … Continue reading Get on your bike says Josh Frydenberg – Financial Review – 20 October 2021