TRIP – the Ambo’s Story – Upper Yarra Mail 14 August 2018

Referring to the overstretched services in the Yarra Valley, Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic Jason Callanan says:

“Your brother who is short of breath having an asthma attack, we can’t get to him in time because we’re dealing with this (an avoidable car crash). To another. “Your baby sister who has croup, we can’t get to her in time,” and another, “Your mum or dad who has chest pain, or could be having a stroke, we can’t get to them either, because we’re dealing with this; and it’s something that could have been avoided.”

So what will happen when those paramedics are instead dealing with Mountain Bike Casualties, something else that was entirely avoidable?

TRIP The Ambo’s Story – Upper Yarra Mail

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