Feedback on plans for Wesburn Park

This is the photo that the Yarra Ranges Council chose to advertise their plans for Wesburn Recreation Reserve. This is a pump track for mountain bikers (skateboarders can use it too). Previous plans had a large amount of other mountain bike structure. Structures that would greatly limit the local Pony and Horse Clubs and the off lead Dog Park as well as demolish the building used by the Gem Collectors (they would have got to share a building with other groups instead). This new plan doesn’t mean that the other mountain biking infrastructure will not happen. What it does mean is get the foot in the door. There is no intention to remove Wesburn Recreation Reserve from being a major mountain biking trail head with trails from Mt Little Joe/Mt Tugwell joining it and substantial parking for Mountain Bikers. This is not sharing – this is steamrolling over our community.